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2020.1.6 A happy new year

2019.12.7 Price revision notice

In response to soaring crude oil prices, there were repeated increases in the prices of various raw materials for our products.
In each case, we tried to maintain the price by reducing various expenses, but the quality maintenance has become very severe.
Therefore, the product price will be revised from 1st January 2019.

Thank you for your understanding
Until 28th Dec 2019, We accept your order old price.

Regarding the tax rate change that will be implemented on October 1st, the main unit price will remain unchanged and only the tax rate will be changed.
For products ordered in September, we will respond at the old tax rate.


Master Nobuyuki Watanabe passed away on August 20, 2018.
For a long time, his advice helped to improve Iwata's products.
“Dougi is an armor that protects oneself, so make a solid one,” and always taught us gently and sometimes rigorously not only about the quality of the product, but also about our attitude towards the product.
We will do my best in the future without forgetting many of the teachings from him.
We would like to send our condolences to his on the loss of Master Nobuyuki Watanabe.

2019.4.15  IWATA HP was renewed.

2019.10.17 About the creation period of HAKAMA
Now so many order we have amd We have surmmer holiday in this month.
HAKAMA making term about 4 week. If you come our shop and pick up your HAKAMA,
please send order E-mail before 4 weeks when you comming.

2019.7.10 About sale end of SAW 10 karate GI

As it becomes difficult to procure the raw materials for this product, this will be discontinued as soon as the stock is over.